Spam filtering

Published on 16-12-2013

Here is a short introduction on the spam filters used on We employ Spamassassin, a well known statistic filter. This means that all the mail that you get in your Inbox will be tagged with some extra headers. Here is a list of the main ones: 

  • X-Spam-Status: This header is used to explain the tests performed on the message and to list the ones that matched. The total spam score of the message is reported. Anything higher than 5.0 will go directly in the Junk folder. 
  • X-Spam-Flag: This header is present only in case the message is actually marked as spam. If that's the case, its value will be YES. This is matched by Sieve and, if present, will send the mail directly in the Junk folder. 
  • X-Spam-Level: A visual representation of the spamminess of the email message. More stars mean more spam!

If we need more information about spam filtering and/or need help to add custom handlers for spam classification, please write an email to

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